Meatball Marsala

I decided to share another meatball recipe with you to make this a meatball week. These meatballs are awesome because it really gives you the same idea as a chicken marsala but with beef, and to me they feel easier even though the work is similar. There is something so fun for me with making meatballs. The Fudgelet helped make them with me.

Moroccan Meatball Soup

If you’ve been trying to be healthy for the new year, this could be a good recipe for you. It was satisfying but full of vegetables and not full of the foods we should eat in moderation. With a bit of couscous and meatballs, along with some tasty seasoning, this dish is easy and yet so tasty! We all liked it and it is perfect for a cold day or even a warm day since it doesn’t need the oven.

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Meatball Subs

Today is an easy, simple recipe because the holidays have begun and we are busy. This is actually a weeknight meal, assuming you work ahead a little. I love that I can make these meatballs and sauce in the morning, then finish them in about 20 minutes when I get home. While they were heating up, I prepared the bread and cheese. Easy peasy! Feel free to use your own meatball recipe, but mine were mighty tasty in this. This might have been the best meatball sub I ever had. Actually, no, not just might have been. It was the best. And it’s so easy that you might start having the best meatball subs all of the time!


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Meatball Soup

This might seem like a heavy dish for those of you experiencing a heat wave. We had a bit of a heat wave of our own last week–the temperatures got into the 70s! In June? Almost unheard of (haha…ugh).

To combat the cloudy, wet weather I made a comfort soup. It was filled with meat flavor, went well with a salad, and helped me get my slight Italian on with the meatballs.

Feel free to file this recipe away for when you have chilly weather and need a cozy soup. You can also substitute fresh herbs for the dried. That was all I had access to at the time. It may seem like there are a bunch of ingredients, but most should be pantry staples.

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