Potato, Sausage, and Rosemary Mini Galettes

Here we have a recipe that is easy to customize for your audience. With one person who couldn’t do dairy, and one who was arriving home for dinner much later, I was able to bake them in batches, and also adjust the ingredients in the filling to help. If you have picky family members, you can change things for them.

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French Mashed Potatoes (Pommes Purée)

For our 9 years of being together anniversary, we went out to eat at a fancy steak place. I got to try new (to me) types of steak, eat an amazing salad (yes, salads can be amazing), and swoon over the mashed potatoes. K was so excited about the mashed potatoes because he loves creamy smooth textures in food.

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Chicken with White Wine

This was our Easter meal. It was a nice day with lots of sunshine, which might mean you don’t want the oven on, but I often like to cook chicken in the oven on days like that. It feels summery because my mom used to do it. Normally I would roast potatoes with chicken and vegetables, but the oven was in use and I had a feeling mashed potatoes would work well for this. Well, they did. And adding the remainder of the creme fraiche to the mashed potatoes was an awesome idea. You know, if you need more awesome ideas in your life.


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Beef, Beer, and Onion Stew

This recipe appealed to me in my rainy season stupor in Seattle. Of course, by the time I made this recipe we began having sunny weather, but oh well. I wanted it, so we had it. There are a few problems with this dish. Basically, you need to be around for it (unless you’re okay leaving the oven on while you’re gone), and you have to smell it that whole time while being super hungry. Or maybe that’s only if you decide to workout before prepping dinner and then feeling really weak with hunger. Hopefully you will make better choices than I did for this.



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