Chiffon Cake with Peach Mascarpone Buttercream

This is posting almost 3 months after the fact, and you might think peaches aren’t ideal in October…but here is K’s birthday cake from this summer. I am here to let you know that the peach in the cake is purely from a jelly, so you can make it anytime of year. He requested a peach cake. When I looked into cakes with peaches, I saw that usually they are more of a topping since that is the best way to enjoy peach (raw). I thought about making a strawberry shortcake type of peach cake, but then saw a mascarpone buttercream that I thought would be really yummy. I then decided a peach jelly would be good to connect the flavors. I ended up using a peach/mango flavor I found that K really liked.


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For a friend’s birthday, I wanted to make him a from-scratch Tiramisu because it is one of his favorite desserts. He has been asking for a while, so here it is! After scouring my cookbooks and the web, I was not able to find the perfect Tiramisu recipe (at least, not for me). I wanted the eggs cooked (health reasons–don’t want to get the birthday boy sick!), I wanted to use ladyfingers and not sponge cake, and I wanted it to be somewhat traditional. In the end, I combined a few ideas and came up with this. In my opinion, it is very tasty. You might want to add more alcohol (and I am not getting into the rum versus Marsala debate, I just prefer the taste of rum in desserts) because both the birthday boy and myself are not drinkers, so I wanted to keep it toned down for a first effort. Next time I might add more, although I do not feel it really needed it. I also learned about storing tiramisu! Apparently it gets better after the first day. The sifted cocoa powder gets darker, but that did not matter to us. It was still pretty.


After a day of chilling


The day it was made

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