Vanilla Cake with Blueberries, Chocolate Ganache Frosting, and Spooky Marshmallow Spiderwebs

Woohoo! I’m back to recipes with long titles. Well, I’ve already done some of those post-baby, and this one really wasn’t hard to do. The cake recipe was straightforward to make, even with a little Fudgelet hanging around snacking on the blueberries.

img_5083 img_5055

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Tips-y Tuesdays: Quick Snacks for Guests

We recently had a visit from K’s family. His parents and brother came to visit. Since they’d never visited us while we’ve been married I was very nervous! I wasn’t sure what to expect from the visit, especially because they had been here before and already done most of the sight-seeing. It’s always a little weird having house guests, especially with ones you are close. You want to keep them happy, but they also want to be easy guests. This means that you might ask what food they want while here, but they say “whatever you want”. Eek! I need strict guidelines. Tell me you want squid, and I will give you squid. If you want chocolate, well, you know I have a lot of that. ūüėČ


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Homemade Marshmallow Fluff

This is a super easy way to make your own marshmallow fluff at home. It doesn’t have preservatives, so don’t expect to store for long periods of time, but you can easily whip it up and use it in a recipe. I wanted to use it in an ice cream recipe, so I simply made it right before I churned the ice cream. Then, after the ice cream was done churning, I just stirred it in. You will see more of this in a post coming soon…


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Smores Cookies and Bonus Bars

We were leaving for a trip back to Maryland, and I was worried about not getting the most use out of the marshmallows I had made. So, I decided to use them in something. After I came across a recipe for cookies with a marshmallow filling, I decided to do my own spin. I used almost the same base as the recipe, but decided to add my marshmallows into the cookie itself. It turned out to be a terrific idea. I also later used the marshmallows in my chocolate chip cookie recipe but in bar form. Click in or scroll down for those pictures!



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Cornflake Rice Krispie Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies

I really wanted to make cookies with rice krispie cereal because people kept doing searches for it and coming to my cookie butter rice krispie treats. Because I do not wish to disappoint, I wanted to make sure I have  a recipe to satisfy this need. I did some research first and discovered that rice krispies can be added to pretty much any cookie, and they just make the cookies chewier. To add to the rice krispie treat connection, I decided to bring out a Momofuku Milk Bar recipe I used before. After checking my blog, I realized I had never posted about these cookies before, so here you go! I did make some changes since I have made them before and had a better idea of what I wanted. Some of my cookies overbaked a bit, so that is why I said to start checking them much sooner. The cookies will harden a bit as they cool, so err on the side of underbaking.




A little too dark.

These are super chewy and gooey with the mix-ins. It’s a pretty simple recipe as far as the Milk Bar stuff goes. Feel free to customize with different cereals. I decided to stick with some cornflakes that were called for in the original recipe, but you could go all in with a different cereal to try it. If you do, I’d love to hear what you use, and how it turns out!

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Smores Cupcakes

Smores…what do they make you think of first? I think many associate it with campfires and camping in general. I do as well, but I am one of the last people you would expect to be camping. I made these because I wanted to use the mini-blow torch we received for our wedding (yes, we asked for one!). I had a few problems with it, but that was just me being silly. Overall, I really enjoyed the cupcakes and would make them again.

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