Tips-y Tuesdays: More Popsicles

I wanted to share some more popsicles I’ve made since we are quickly approaching the end of summer. Make these now, or save them for next year…or even make them with some frozen fruit maybe?


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Green Mango Chutney

Because it is the first Friday post I’ve had in awhile, we’re keeping it simple. I’d never bought a mango before, so I thought (at first) that a green mango meant an unripe one. I didn’t realize there are different kinds of mangoes. So, you know, learning something new each day and all that. Luckily, I picked the right kind. I definitely did not cut it the fancy way you see some people do, but it was much easier to peel than I expected. The peel basically came right off as I started cutting, so I just worried about cutting the fruit into cubes. As you can see below, they weren’t perfectly cubed, but I was rushing a bit. I also ended up adding too much water (follow what I wrote, not necessarily the amount of water you see in the pictures!) in my rush, which meant I had to pour some out later. Oh well. It still ended up tasty! Basically, it’s like a sweet and tangy chutney because the mango is sweet, and the vinegar with the savory ingredients gives it a little bit of pucker. I’m not a mango fan normally, but I enjoyed this, especially with the rest of the dish.



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“Grilled” Chicken with a Mango Glaze

When I see grill recipes, I usually just ignore them because we don’t have a grill. I don’t know when we will get one, so I have to wait. But then Lisa came over and cooked some chicken for us with a technique in the oven close to grilling. We loved it, and I decided to try it myself with this recipe I came across. Now, of course, I had to be sick when I made it. Ugh. So the first time I ate it I had no idea what it tasted like because my nose was completely congested. I could taste the tender meat (buttermilk marinade overnight will do that), but that was it.



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Tropical Smoothie Sorbet

I have come to the realization that you can basically make sorbet out of anything. You see it at restaurants serving fancy sounding “palate cleansers” and that sort of thing, but at home it is easy to stick to the basics. I have branched out some, with strawberry lemonade, sparkling wine blackberry, and now this tropical smoothie one. I was planning on making a 2-fruit sorbet, but I could not resist the package at the store: a frozen fruit mixture of strawberries, pineapples, and mangoes! I knew it would be a hit with my husband (and with me). So, I did lots of taste-testing as I went, but came up with a sorbet that tastes just like a smoothie you could get out, but in sorbet form.

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Mango Sorbet

Picking up from Monday’s post on vanilla ice cream, I have a mango sorbet for part 2 of ice cream week. This is a super easy recipe, and it makes you realize that buying the Haagen Dazs mango sorbet can be a task for the past. This recipe is cheaper, and I think it tastes better, too (especially after reading the ingredients for theirs which includes pumpkin juice and carrot juice??).

It certainly tastes good on its own, but also as part of a trio of Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet and Sparkling Wine Blackberry Sorbet.

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