Frying Donuts

What better way to celebrate Christmas Eve than by frying up some donuts? You could even work it into the Hanukkah traditions with the oil, too!

Hopefully it’s okay to admit in a public blog that this was the first time I ever deep fried anything. The following will not be a recipe for donuts because I was fortunate and did not have to make the donut batter from scratch, too, besides having to fry them. My friend Lisa visited Hawaii and brought back a mix from one of her favorite bakeries. You could either make bread with it (tempting) or malasadas (yeasted donuts popular in Hawaii, but apparently Portugese in origin). The safe part of me wanted to make the bread, but the more adventurous side of me wanted to take this chance to make donuts without as much fear of wasting everything. I figured, if it did not work, it would be a problem of frying and not the recipe. I decided to make a half batch so that if I messed up, I could still try again with another batch. And, if they turned out, bonus donuts! So, it was time to fry.

One of the main reasons I haven’t fried before is I needed a wire strainer/wok strainer. But, we were not able to find one that was up to my husband’s Asian standards for quality. Finally, while at a local restaurant supply store, we managed to find one like this here for just $3.00! The handle was a bit long, so it’s a little tricky to use, but for three bucks, I was willing to give it a try. Be sure to get all of your supplies ready.

If you keep reading, you can find out how I made vanilla sugar…

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