Chiplet Adventures (part 17): Letter K Week

Still keeping it mostly simple with the letters…I am losing track a bit on which ones I have shared here, so I might need to go back and check. But, today I bring K!

Of course we had to do kangaroo! Complete with a joey in a pouch.

Then, for the little uppercase K we did Kite. Just to drive it home further, we have little Ks as ribbons on the kite string.

He still loves doing all of the crafts.

Chiplet Adventures (part 16): Letter D Week

My phone and my picture editor haven’t been cooperating lately, so I just discovered a whole bunch of letters we missed. So, again, I apologize if the Chiplet seems to be getting older and younger at the same time with these posts. Today I bring to you the letter D.

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Chiplet Adventures (part 11): Review Week

I decided it was time to do some review with the Chiplet since we had done so many letters and he certainly knew some better than others. This was a chance for me to assess the progress. But it should be pointed out that he is never consistent with things. So, even if he seems to not know something one day, he might actually know it. Basically, he isn’t the type to “perform” by request. Your kid might be the same.

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Chiplet Adventures (part 10): Letter M week

Now onto a trickier letter… M! Let’s jump right in with M is for mouse.

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Chiplet Adventures (part 9): Letter S Week

This was back from the Chiplet’s birthday week. Because of his birthday, I wanted to again keep it easy for him since he already knew letter S a bit.

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Chiplet Adventures (part 8): Letter X Week

We picked this letter to make it easy since the Chiplet already knew this letter somehow.

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Chiplet Adventures (part 7): Letter G Week

Trying to catch up a bit since these pictures and activities are from 3 months ago…but I guess it doesn’t matter too much. But I want to get caught up for everything, even if it is kind of impossible (see my scrapbook from last year–still empty). The snow days we had this month didn’t help, either, since I had fewer nap times to work.

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