Amelia Bedelia Cake, Take 2: Layer Cake Version

So, after posting about the “Emergency Chocolate Cake,” I was wondering about remaking the Amelia Bedelia cake. I thought it would be fun to try it as a layer cake and see if it would work. And, because I was making it with the Fudgelet around, he insisted on adding sprinkles inside.

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Chocolate and Caramel Layer Cake

Two months post my birthday, I am sharing with you my birthday cake for this year. I hadn’t planned to make anything necessarily, but I happened to have buttermilk and cream that needed to get used, so this was a good recipe for it. Plus, it was something I had been wanting to make. I was able to make it in a few stages, which helped since the Fudgelet and I were both super sick and naps weren’t happening. He actually helped me make it. I asked if he wanted to “help Mommy bake” and he stopped playing with his cars, pointed where we keep his stool and said “over there” (for me to move the stool over where I was working). I figured he would like to help since there was some whisking involved (his favorite part).


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Tres Leches Cake

Sweet Week continues with a cake I had never made nor tasted before. A friend’s girlfriend was a big fan of the cake, and since we were hosting a party the same day as her birthday, I volunteered to make the cake. I can’t make any claims as to how authentic this cake is or isn’t since I have very little experience with it, but it did taste good. I would actually like to make just the cake part again and maybe even leave off the milk mixture. Some sort of buttercream frosting with it?? It was a moist cake even without the milk.



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