Lactation Chocolate Chip Cookies

A friend recently had her baby and was worried about her milk supply. So yeah, when I said lactation in the title, I meant….lactating moms. Does lactating sound odd to you? It does to me, but I think because the term isn’t used all over the place as often as “breastfeeding” or “nursing”. Lactating makes me feel more like a cow. When a (different) friend commented how I am still lactating, I was all “whooooaaa….oh yeah, I guess so, haha.” And I guess there is the whole idea that you might even be lactating but not breastfeeding. So, maybe these should be called Breastfeeding Chocolate Chip Cookies? Anyhoo, the friend with the baby (who also has a toddler) was going to make herself some cookies. I volunteered, and she still said “I think I might have some time, and I have the supplies”. After I pushed a bit more, she willingly let me make them for her, since I have half the number of kids she does, so therefore triple the amount of free time. And baking is one of my “things”, so it was nice to be able to help out with a hobby. She sent her husband over with the Brewer’s yeast and flaxseed (who then handed them over to K at the door since I was putting the Fudgelet down for bed, which felt like a drug deal, haha), and gave me a recipe she used previously. I changed the recipe a bunch, partly because the original one wasn’t super clear with the directions. Also, I ended up making two batches, so I changed the ratios a bit the second time since I now knew how the cookies would turn out.


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Salty, Thin and Crispy Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate

Continuing with my oats theme, here is another cookie I made to up my oats intake, but still satisfying my cookie needs. 🙂 You could play around with this recipe and add nuts or other mix-ins you like. If you add nuts, and if they are salted, I would cut back on the salt a bit. I would think adding dried fruit would also be tasty in this. Or other kinds of chips, like butterscotch, etc. And in typing chips…I wonder about adding potato chips, like with these cookies!?


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Oatmeal Peanut Butter M&M Cookies

When you are breastfeeding, there are lots of challenges. From learning how to hold your baby, getting him to latch properly, working around any pain, being tired, having enough milk or too much milk, and the final biggie: feeling hungry ALL the TIME. Seriously. I can go from feeling satisfied to full on starving in a minute. You are supposed to eat extra calories, but it’s hard to fit in even the normal calories with a baby needing all of your attention. People talk about lactation cookies, which are essentially cookies with a bunch of ingredients that are supposed to help with milk production. They’re also supposed to make you happy because hey! You get to eat cookies! But they don’t sound very good to me, and they also contain ingredients that I don’t have the time to get. Brewer’s yeast? Flax seeds? Not normal ingredients for me to have around. But oats? Yes, those I have. Soooo, I decided to make my own “lactation” cookies.


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