Chicken Katsu (Japanese Breaded Chicken)

Here is a first! I have never made fried chicken before. It has always made me nervous. Worries about greasy meat, dried out insides, the coating not staying as I fry it, not cooking the chicken all the way through and yet burning the coating…it just seemed too difficult. Then I came across a recipe which takes fried chicken leftovers and remakes it, embracing the way the coating gets a bit soggy in leftover form, and it keeps the leftover chicken from being dry. Since K doesn’t always enjoy leftovers, I figured this was a way of making one thing, and then being able to enjoy it a different way that was still fairly simple. Plus, he loves fried chicken and rice.

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Doria with Mushrooms, Bacon, and Eggs

We have eaten Doria at a Japanese restaurant in our area twice now, with the recommendation of a friend. It is a big hit with us because it is basically like fried rice, but turned into a casserole with cheese. How could this be wrong? It is probably high in calories, but it also is dense so you can only eat a small amount before getting full. It is great for a chilly day or night when you want some comfort food. You already have some of the recipes to make this dish, so now I am putting them together for the final product.




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