Curry in a Hurry

What do you consider “a hurry”? I made the spice mixture for this ahead of time, and just left it in my mini food processor in case it needed to be re-processed. It meant that dinner came together in less than the time it took to cook the rice. I added spinach because I like what curry does for spinach, and I like having everything all together. Everyone ate this, and I cut out the serrano peppers to appease our sensitive tongues. You can certainly add them back in and up the spice. You could leave out the spinach, but you can also add more or less. It’s not a picky recipe, which also helps with a time crunch. For a large portion, you are just stirring occasionally while discussing cars with your toddler. Or whatever you do in your spare cooking time.

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Slow Cooker Indian Chicken Curry

Most chicken slow cooker recipes require bone-in chicken, of which K isn’t a fan. I was excited to find a recipe that had flavors we like, and allowed for boneless thighs! There is lots of flavor in this curry.


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Chicken Tikka Masala Meatballs

I had actually been in the mood for Indian food. And then there was the need to restock our freezer with ground chicken. Whenever we do that, we like to leave at least one package out because freshly ground chicken is awesome to cook with. I also happened to have come across this recipe at the same time. I told K I wanted to make it, and he was on board. So, I gathered the ingredients I didn’t have on hand (tomato sauce, Greek yogurt, and cilantro) then got ready to make it! It was really easy. The meatballs require very little work, and the sauce just needs a couple steps to get started. Then, you can basically walk away and do things like play with your baby while it finishes cooking.


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Aloo Gobi

This week I will be showing a few new Indian meals I made recently. None of these are strictly traditional. For instance, today’s dish should include green peas, but I didn’t have any, so I did it without. If you have some, feel free to throw them in. I also added egg on top to add a protein.



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Slow Cooker Indian Butter Chicken

As promised, I have been using my slow cooker some more this year. So far, it has been used for this dish and another dish (to be posted soon). I actually forgot when I came home that I had food cooking. I thought I was smelling the neighbor’s food or something. This was an easy dish with very little prep work. Some slow cooker meals require lots of chopping and sometimes sauteing, too! This is not one of those. It’s more of the “dump everything together” kind of dish.

I challenge you to take a good picture of butter chicken. So hard!

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Chicken Biryani

This is not my first time making Chicken Biryani, but it is my first time following the America’s Test Kitchen recipe. I was surprised that none of the spices I bought when we first started making Indian food were included in this. No cumin, turmeric…none! Instead, this recipe was all fancy and included saffron and cardamom seed pods. Well, I did my best with this recipe, but I definitely had to make some changes to have it work in my kitchen. I am providing the recipe below, but in “Fudging Ahead Style”.

Before you get all upset about purchasing saffron, I will say that you do not use very much at all. The amount I got cost about $16, but I only used a tiny piece of it, so maybe a couple dollars worth end up in the dish? Not so bad when you think about how adding cilantro and mint each cost a fair amount. It seems pointless, but I will say that this dish had a lot of flavor. As for the cardamom seed pods, I did not find them initially, so I bought just the seeds in bulk and did a bit of an estimate on how many to throw in. If you can get the actual pods, the recipe says to use 10 of them and grind them with the handle of a cleaver.

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