Herbed Yorkshire Pudding

I had saved this recipe to make and I wasn’t really sure what these would be like, but we ended up enjoying them. I was curious how they related to popovers and apparently are almost identical depending on your recipes. From what I could gather, this tends to be the savory version of a popover. But I’m sure I’m wrong on some level there, too. That was my best interpretation, in case you’ve made popovers before. I liked that I didn’t need a special pan or special ingredients. Everything was stuff I have on hand, and you could mix up the herbs.

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Chicken with Herbs

I know, I know, really creative title. Well, it started off as “Chicken with Sage” but I decided to go nuts and add all of my fresh herbs (thyme, rosemary, basil, and sage). Sooooo, this turned into chicken with mega herbs. The technique is mostly taken from Lidia’s Italian-American Kitchen with a few spins to make it more my style. Part of my style is that I don’t enjoy pounding meat flat. At all. It’s why I used to buy the already flattened stuff at the grocery store where I used to live. It cost just a little more, but it was already in perfect scallopini form. Every time I do it at home I get a major mess, so I have gotten crafty (or just lazy) and started slicing the chicken breasts horizontally so that I can create thin fillets. They do not end up uniform in size, but they are fairly uniform in thickness, which is the main concern. You can pound your meat or slice it. I don’t care, and it certainly ends up the same!



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Chicken with Tomato and Herb Sauce

I hope you get over your shock that this is another non-dessert post. With summer foods like fresh tomatoes widely available, there have been many tempting dinner recipes I want to make. This one had been lurking on my list for a while, and I was really happy to taste the sweet cherry tomatoes at the farmer’s market.

The red ones were as good as the ones my dad grows, and the orange ones (sungold I think they called them) were even sweeter! The colors and flavor would be perfect for this chicken dish. The recipe is really easy and thus it allows you to make lots of adjustments for your family and palates. The basic idea is that you cook chicken with some tomatoes and herbs to get a flavorful dish.

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