Ham and Cheese Galette

I was going to make a galette I saw from somewhere that had ham and cheese…but then the recipe didn’t sound great, so I decided to take a galette I had already made and liked, and change it. I was making this recipe during the start of staying at home during the pandemic, so I was trying to make the most of the remaining food in our fridge as I figured out meal planning for so many people. It is flexible and you can use what you have. Next time I would maybe even add in some more carrots.

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Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

Easy meal alert! I know I could make these with from-scratch crescent roll dough but with so many meals to make these days, it is nice having a quick meal I can make with the kids helping, and not really need to plan ahead.

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Ham-and-Cheese Pie

This is a picture-light post. As in, not many pictures, but there are also not many steps. It is a simple recipe you could make on a weekday if you have a bit more time (most of the time is for the pie to bake and then cool). I made it on a weekend just because that’s how I roll these days. Are you surprised to see ham in the title? You should be. I don’t like ham. At least not most of the time. But, I was willing to suck it up to try this recipe. You can easily pull out the ham from your slice if you don’t like it, but I was surprised–the ham I picked out wasn’t too bad. I got a low-sodium variety from the deli counter and I would get it again.


And yeah yeah, not the prettiest of pictures, but here is the whole pie…


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Tips-y Tuesdays: Homemade Egg McMuffin

Do you like fast food? I had some growing up as a special treat, and then none for a while. Since being with K, I have definitely had more fast food. Part of it is airplane travel. At an airport, you’re often left with fast food options in a hurry. Sure, I can pack food, and I do sometimes, but it’s hard when you’re essentially travelling all day for good food to keep well that long. One of the funniest things is that K can tell you exactly where McDonalds (and often other fast food places, too) is in each of the airports we travel through. He used to frequent them often when he would visit me, and sometimes still goes now. Especially for breakfast!


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