Tips-y Tuesdays: Last Minute Tips

Sometimes I go to make a recipe and think I have all of the necessary ingredients but then forget something. This seems to happen a lot lately. Almost like I’m sleep-deprived? Hahaha. Well, anyway, it’s not like I have all of the time to just run out and pick up what I need when I realize it, so I have learned to be flexible.

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Easy Corn Guacamole Side Dish

Call this week corny if you will, but I will be sharing 2 corn recipes for you. I always feel like the season for good sweet corn is too short, but sometimes I get bored with just having it on the cob. I started jazzing it up this summer and discovered a few tasty methods that were easy. One method (not shown) is simply mixing the corn with a salad vinaigrette. You know, like the one Joanna gave me. That inspired today’s dish. You sometimes have corn in a salad, so the vinaigrette made sense. Why not mix the corn with other foods it is commonly consumed with, like on a taco? So, I made a guacamole recipe with corn and it was a really nice creamy side. Bonus, it tastes super rich but is healthy because it’s just from the avocado!


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