Mixed Bag Mondays (part 12): Repeat Winners and Brussel Sprouts

Often, I try to make new dishes, but sometimes I like to make something repeatedly, or tweak a dish. I’ve tried to make brussel sprouts for K since we started dating. But nothing ever worked. Not cooking them my favorite way (steamed with a little butter to serve), not roasting them with bacon, not sauteing them…not even eating them at restaurants where professionals could try to sway him. I gave up. But, I haven’t given up on making the Fudgelet eat everything. I even have him eat food I don’t like, just so that he can be better than both of us! He enjoys brussel sprouts, but prefers them cooked crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Roasting is the best for that.


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Chicken Tikka Masala Meatballs

I had actually been in the mood for Indian food. And then there was the need to restock our freezer with ground chicken. Whenever we do that, we like to leave at least one package out because freshly ground chicken is awesome to cook with. I also happened to have come across this recipe at the same time. I told K I wanted to make it, and he was on board. So, I gathered the ingredients I didn’t have on hand (tomato sauce, Greek yogurt, and cilantro) then got ready to make it! It was really easy. The meatballs require very little work, and the sauce just needs a couple steps to get started. Then, you can basically walk away and do things like play with your baby while it finishes cooking.


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Stuffed Pumpkin

Here is the last post for this week! This is a perfect dish for this time of year, especially if you like pumpkin in forms other than sweet pies and drinks. Cooked this way, it tastes almost like butternut squash. It is easier than I expected, and quite yummy! A friend of ours kept telling us about some other friends (now moved away) who used to make stuffed pumpkins. I did some research and discovered a Dorie Greenspan recipe. I decided to do my own version following her basic methods.




If you’re like me, you might get a bit eager with your filling and make extra. No worries, I just put the rest of the filling in a pie plate and baked it at the same temperature for 30 minutes. And there you go: stuffing two ways! (Or so we were joking. Hehe.)



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Asian Chicken Burgers

Call this rendition week…I started by mixing up my Roasted Vegetable Soup, and now I remixed my cheeseburger meatballs with this non-cheese larger version. If you are looking for another way to use ground chicken (or a reason to start making/buying it), here you go! It is really easy and doesn’t require much time at all. The longest part is waiting for them to cook, and time to marinate the meat. I pan-fried them, but now I am wondering how baking them would work. Hmm. The possibilities!



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Cheeseburger Meatballs

This is a simple recipe inspired by a small plate we had at a Japanese restaurant. They had all sorts of things on skewers: tomatoes, cheese, beef, chicken, and more. One of our favorite bites were these tiny meatballs with some melted cheese on top. I believe the cheese was American, and I was not entirely certain of the seasonings…but we really wanted to try it at home. What was interesting was the meat was ground chicken, and K liked it! Usually if it’s an item that is normally made with ground beef, he sees anything else as second rate. I was surprised he liked these so much, considering how they were a bit healthy.





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