Grilled Shrimp with a Garlic Herb Sauce

It took some time, but we have a full family that likes shrimp now. Some of it has been learning the best ways to cook it that keep it from being too tough but still tasty with good texture.

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Grilled Old Bay Shrimp

I know I might be pushing it with grilling posts in October, but I’m trying to share all of these yummy meals before it is winter. I actually might be done grilling for the simple fact that my gas tank is just about empty and it seems a little late in the season to fill it. I’m also unsure how much grilling I will do when next year rolls around. Will the baby let me grill? Will it make things easier? No idea at this point. Oh well, I will at least save this recipe to make again when I am back to grilling. And hopefully you will want to do the same!

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