Tips-y Tuesdays: Stir-Fried Green Beans

I decided to make this a tips post instead of a regular recipe post just because it is more simple than a regular recipe. Anyway, I have been trying to perfect my green bean cooking technique, and I think it is still a work in progress, but I am willing to write down some of my main ideas I have learned.

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One Skillet Crispy Chicken

I can’t tell you how many times I have made this recipe. I often just make it without vegetables because I want the chicken, but you can also turn it into an entree and side dish meal.

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Mixed Bag Mondays: Exploring Cookbooks and Variations

While on the internet I see lots of yummy recipes from cookbooks. For whatever reason, I used to rely more on reviews and finding some recipes online, then testing them before deciding to get a book. Recently I realized that I could get the books from the library and test them that way before deciding if I wanted to buy them. It might be that before I could never find the books I wanted and decided the library wasn’t the right place for me to test out cookbooks, but at my current library I can get them. Some of them I can even get online which is nice to pull up on my laptop or phone in the kitchen.

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Chicken and Green Bean Stir Fry

I’m here to share a relatively simple recipe that I’ve been making many iterations of recently. To start, you could change the meat and/or vegetable. You could also change the ingredients and amounts…this is a working recipe you can follow strictly, but it is best if you experiment. Sometimes I need more or less of an ingredient (or cooking time) depending on how everything is cooking.


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Two Vegetables and a Main Chicken

None of these recipes are crazy-involved. We make variations of these regularly. The only reason I took pictures of the green beans and celery are because they were memorably good, and I used some fried shallots my friend Lisa made for me. You don’t need fried shallots for the recipes, but it showed how easily we could throw them into dishes to enjoy their sweetness. Below you will find the recipes for green beans and celery, and also chicken. I did not include step-by-step pictures this time, but hopefully you can still follow along.


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Roasted Peppers and Green Beans with Balsamic

There are other recipes I still need to write about that came before this one, but this recipe was one that K said “this better make it to your blog”. So, here it is. During the big move, I was trying to pick up produce that would keep for a bit so that we could limit our grocery shopping. I didn’t want us to have unnecessary stockpiles of refrigerated food to move. Costco had both bell peppers and haricot verde in stock and I wanted to try roasting them. Luckily, we had not sealed the box with the balsamic vinegar yet, and I on purpose had saved my Dutch oven from packing until the end. Now, you can certainly roast on a regular baking sheet, but I did not have any available. That will affect your baking time, so check the peppers as they cook.



This is an easy throw-together recipe. The peppers turned out super soft and amazingly sweet. The green beans still  had a bit of crunch, which paired nicely with the peppers. Feel free to add extra flavor (I think garlic could go well), but again, I was limited on what had not been packed yet.

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