Lottsa Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes

Lottsa? Yep. Lottsa. I couldn’t decide if these were double or triple chocolate. There are only two types of chocolate, but one is in both the cupcake and the cheesecake part, so does that count twice? Two roots, one with a multiplicity of two? Sorry…Calculus reference there. Anyway, I meant to follow a black bottom cupcake recipe…but then I was distracted by showing the Fudgelet what I was making and how it was going…and added cocoa powder to the wrong bowl. I thought about it and knew I could dump out what was in there and start over, but decided to roll with it. I also debated adding some extra sugar since the cocoa powder is unsweetened, but decided, again, to leave it alone.


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Fudgelet Food: Part 3, Frozen Yogurt Melts

Before the Fudgelet was even eating solid food, I heard of making yogurt melts. A mom had shared a Pinterest picture where someone piped out small bits of flavored yogurt and froze them for her baby. I attempted it once he started eating food, but he did not care for yogurt at all, and I was not going to waste my time with the piping. I didn’t want to waste the yogurt mixture I had made, though, so I ended up filling some silicone molds with it. Lo and behold, a few months later he loves them, especially the ones from the Lego people mold I have. So, I am sharing what worked for me and how you can alter it for your own taste buds.



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Healthier Twice-Baked Potato

On Monday, I mentioned that I made chicken with a side dish. Well, here it is! I used to make a version of these potatoes back when I was a single cooker. It started in college when I would use Ranch seasoning with some sour cream and broccoli mixed in with the potatoes. They were an easy meatless dinner. I would eat one half for dinner, then save the other half for lunch the next day. When I had my own house, I would make them for myself, too. I don’t think I could convince K to eat these as a meal, and I didn’t have any of the ingredients I normally used. But, I decided to try something new. This filling was so good, that I didn’t care I couldn’t fit all of the filling in the potato halves–I just ate it with a spoon!


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