Smores Cookies

Because I have been getting ready for the baby’s arrival, I am scheduling these posts ahead of time. This means that I could be holding a baby right now for all I know. Today is his due date after all. We get to find out if he is more like his mom (early) or dad (late). Regardless, you deserve a cookie recipe. But in honor of the impending doom baby, here is a heart cookie!


The shape was completely accidental, by the way. It just baked that way. How cute!

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Homemade Graham Crackers

I had been seeing s’more desserts all over the internet recently. It made me crave those flavors, but surprisingly without the chocolate twist. You can certainly add chocolate to the mix, but after tasting these crackers and the toasted marshmallow ice cream, I was ok leaving out the chocolate so that I could better enjoy these two flavors together. Having never made graham crackers before, I knew I was in for a treat. Homemade versions usually are better in the baked category, and these were no different.

You can put some cinnamon sugar on top of the crackers before baking to make a different version that is super delicious on its own. I recommend making a few like that and setting aside, not to be used in the ice cream sandwiches that you will want to make with these crackers.

Most people have been mixing the graham crackers into their s’more ice creams, but I was craving sandwiches. If you want to mix them in, feel free! For the chocolate part, you could either do a swirl in the ice cream, chocolate syrup when you eat it, or a chunk of chocolate on your ice cream sandwich.

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