Baked Chocolate Donuts

I do not like frying things. I hardly ever do it because it is messy, uses a bunch of oil, and it can be tricky. Instead, I like finding recipes that let me enjoy those same foods in a slightly different way. Besides, it gives me a reason to seek out good fried donuts or fried chicken. Haha! This is a really easy recipe. You do need donut pans, but if you like fluffy almost muffin/cupcake like donuts, you will like this recipe. They are not the prettiest, although you could certainly work on that, but they are tasty! Plus, they are low in fat.


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Balsamic Vinegar Glazed Salmon

You can certainly rely on me for salmon recipes. It feels like I have a new one each month. This was inspired by an old magazine recipe I had pulled out years ago. It makes me think of the roasted carrots I made because of the glaze. I had the same problem of smelling it repeatedly and getting vinegar fumes up my nose. Ugh. You would think I could remember not to do that!


This is a healthy meal that is easy to put together. It is perfect for keeping some fish in your diet during the winter, and for watching your figure as you prepare for heavy holiday meals. (Or recover from last month’s holiday food.)

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Glazed Roasted Carrots

3 straight posts of veggies? No way! Well, that’s what we have for this week. Starting with today’s entry of roasted carrots!

My friend Lisa and I were holding another dinner party. We wanted to welcome summer with lots of colors, so we purposefully chose dishes that we knew would reflect a full rainbow. I think she got more creative than I did, because she even dyed some cauliflower blue!

Check out all of the colors, including the blue cauliflower!

The above plate is before the chicken finished (why does roast chicken always take its sweet time?). I hope she will share some of her recipes soon. She did a watermelon salad, a potato gratin (with mustard!) among many other delicious foods.

On the above plate, you can sneak a peek at the carrots for this post and the little roasted tomato (above the cauliflower) that will be in a coming post. I might also share the lemonade recipes (blackberry and peach) that turned out to be super popular.

The recipe for the glazed roasted carrots came from a cookbook I bought at the Le Creuset outlet by Sonia Stevenson called “Roasting”. I had been looking for some more savory recipes, and there were many in this book that looked interesting, starting with these carrots and the tomatoes. I have also made a fish recipe out of it. Everything has been yummy. Because of some ingredients, I have made some substitutions. I will include my versions below.

One of my colorful contributions

I made the candy above using the same ideas from SprinkleBakes‘ Chihuly glass bowls that I also did here.

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