Bravetart’s Brownies

I know, I always talk about not needing another brownie recipe, but then I decided to try making these. I actually got the recipe initially via a keto post and modified it to be made with regular ingredients. You see, I’ve had bad luck making some of the recent recipes from Stella and so wasn’t sure about her book. Then I saw a picture of these brownies and wanted to try them myself. Sure enough, they are fudgy, but not gooey. They have a crisp top but are chewy inside.

Yes, these are my new favorite brownies, I think. I might need to make them monthly just to be sure.

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My Favorite Fudgy Brownies

It has now been two years of posting on this blog. It’s a little hard to believe, but at the same time I have had many experiences along the way to make enough memories to fill the time. So, this will make my 324th post (my 323rd since this first one here). I actually forgot I was having a “blogiversary” until I saw Tortillas and Honey post hers! I started thinking about when mine was, and realized it was just a couple weeks away. Last year, I did a giveaway along with some goals for the year. I accomplished all of them except for the first one I listed. Not bad, considering it was puff pastry dough. Technically I’ve used the dough, and I’ve made croissants, but I would still like to make it from scratch. I haven’t felt up for super buttery things, so maybe that will have to wait.



I made these brownies so that I could make this favorite of mine, so there is no picture of the plain brownies cut up. You will have to take my word for it that they are amazing. Or, you know, you could make them yourself!


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