Roast Beef Fried Rice

This is a new take on the fried rice K makes us. Some days, you want fried rice but don’t have bacon handy, and you also want it fast. Fried rice doesn’t actually take long to make, but when you have a toddler who wants his eggs and rice now, it feels like an eternity. Obviously, you can always make fried rice meatless, which I often do, but this is a way to make it with another meat you might already have around….roast beef! I changed the seasoning a bit to go with the roast beef flavor. The recipe is a bit loose because it all depends on how much leftover rice you have, eggs you use, etc.


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Glazed Ground Chicken with Fried Rice

I was excited to have another ground chicken recipe. This one reminds me of eating at a Panda Express, in a good way. K loves that place and this gives a bit of the teriyaki chicken with fried rice feel. He made the fried rice, since that is his specialty. I made the chicken, and together, voila!


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Doria with Mushrooms, Bacon, and Eggs

We have eaten Doria at a Japanese restaurant in our area twice now, with the recommendation of a friend. It is a big hit with us because it is basically like fried rice, but turned into a casserole with cheese. How could this be wrong? It is probably high in calories, but it also is dense so you can only eat a small amount before getting full. It is great for a chilly day or night when you want some comfort food. You already have some of the recipes to make this dish, so now I am putting them together for the final product.




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