Rose Levy Beranbaum’s All-Occasion Downy Yellow Butter Cake

Today’s recipe is complete but if you want to see the final cake fully, you will need to stay tuned for Wednesday’s post. I’ve been leery of making random cake recipes since I normally prefer my books from Tessa Huff. But this time I decided to try a different baker’s recipe because this was from the originator of the reverse creaming method. If you haven’t tried the method before, you really should. It is easy and it makes a delicious fluffy cake that is still buttery and rich tasting.

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Crisp, Fluffy Pizza Crust

I have lots of pizza recipes on here already. Most of them are pancrust style, because that is K’s favorite. Especially from Pizza Hut. So, we are always after a crust that mimics that style. This one is my new favorite. It is less involved than some recipes, but it produced a crust that had a crunch to it, while still being almost bread-like. K commented that it was less greasy than other recipes. I wasn’t sure if this was a bad thing, but apparently he liked it. You could always add more fat to the pan if you prefer a greasier crust, but we liked this.



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60 Minute Crescent Rolls

As always, I am on the search for good bread recipes. This was an awesome weeknight recipe I found. It is easy and you can easily prep the main course while making these at the same time. The rising time is really fast.



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Buttery Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting and Fluffy Chocolate or Vanilla Frosting

As my friend Lisa says, “what am I gonna do with all these cakes”? Basically, I have been on a cake rampage, so I am sharing a good chunk of it here for you to see. For a while I have wanted to perfect making and decorating cakes, but the problem with cakes is when you make them you end up with a bunch of food to eat! Luckily, K has coworkers that like enjoying cake! We have been sending big chunks of cake in to his work to spread the love. Today’s recipes are for a specific cake I am going to make this fall.


The “clients” (family members) wanted chocolate frosting and vanilla cake to mimic a local bakery’s cake. After making Sweetapolita’s vanilla cake first, I followed it with this super buttery cake from America’s Test Kitchen. Although we loved the light almondy flavor in the first cake, the buttery cake better matches the one my family loves.


Sweetapolita Vanilla Cake (fluffy chocolate frosting and ganache filling)

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