Rose Levy Beranbaum’s All-Occasion Downy Yellow Butter Cake

Today’s recipe is complete but if you want to see the final cake fully, you will need to stay tuned for Wednesday’s post. I’ve been leery of making random cake recipes since I normally prefer my books from Tessa Huff. But this time I decided to try a different baker’s recipe because this was from the originator of the reverse creaming method. If you haven’t tried the method before, you really should. It is easy and it makes a delicious fluffy cake that is still buttery and rich tasting.

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Celebration Rainbow Cake

Rainbows mean happiness in my book. They are pretty, represent the sun coming out, and can even have emotional meanings (look up rainbow babies if interested, but I will note that this was not my motivation, in case you were curious). Mostly, I am just excited to see them because they are beautiful and exciting. You never know when the next one will happen.

So, I feel it is appropriate to share this cake today on a week when I have happy news to share (on Thursday). We are just finishing a Maryland trip where we had plans to see lots of family, friends, the ocean (the Fudgelet’s first visit to see it and my uncle), crabs, hot weather (we don’t get much of that here), and the like. I am writing this in advance but know I will feel both happy to be returning home and a bit sad to be leaving everyone behind for a long time. We’re hoping to have some visitors this fall/winter with plans already in the works.

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