Sous Vide Halibut

Here I am bringing another sous vide recipe your way. This is not meant to sway you to buy one. I think I have said this before, but I never planned on having one. It was a gift and I wanted to find recipes to use with it. My best luck has been with seafood, so I wanted to share a favorite from this summer.

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Za’atar and Honey Butter Rockfish

Today we are keeping things simple. A little bit of this and a little bit of that make for an interesting fish flavoring. I had extra honey butter from a pastry recipe linked below, and then decided to use it on fish. Add a little savory seasoning and it worked really well. I’ve also used a similar seasoning on salmon with good results. If you don’t have za’atar seasoning, you can certainly use a different spice mix. It’s just one of my favorites lately for fish.

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Foil Packet Salmon, Spinach, and Mushrooms

Before you get on my case, I promise this white fish is salmon. Say what? Yeah. There was a new (to me) type of King Salmon available at my Costco and I was curious. I was going to pass on it until a stranger told me more about it. He said if I like King Salmon and had never had this type, that I should try it. I keep forgetting the name, but it is named for a river between BC and Alaska. It was a really nice piece of fish. Tender, moist, and all yummy fish traits without being “fishy”…not that that bothers me as much. But, this was still wild (troll) caught and I know wild fish tend to be fishier to some people.


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Asian Baked Rockfish

I’m back with a Fish Friday post! I haven’t shared any fish recipes for a while. This one isn’t anything fancy. In fact, I had a few “fancy” ideas for the rockfish we bought. I was thinking of a tomato sauce, maybe putting a coating on it…there were a few ideas. Then, just before I was going to make it, K made a request. At his work’s cafeteria, there was some sort of ginger fish dish that sounded good, but he had not gotten it. He wanted something like that. Now, I had made a similar dish with salmon before and decided to do a similar version for the rockfish. K’s family usually steams fish, but my family always baked it, so that’s what I do here. I asked K if he wanted to try to steam it but apparently he did not have great results previously.



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Coconut Milk Poached Fish

K and I just discovered the nice fish our Whole Foods has to offer. I wanted to have some sort of fish dish since it is Lent and that means Fish Fridays for this Catholic girl! I am sharing this not on a Friday, but it allows you time to pick up some fish for this Friday, if you wish to have some fish fun. We previously have made a version of this dish with shrimp and I felt that fish would work well, too. You can really use any quick-cooking fish that is easy to saute in a skillet. If you decide to use shrimp, add it at the end and do not partially cook it at the beginning like I do with the fish. This dish does not need to be spicy, but feel free to go nuts with your choice of spicy seasoning if you love it. Likewise, you can substitute a different quick-cooking green for the spinach (think Swiss Chard, lettuce, etc.).



Don’t leave out the cilantro, though.



We are huge fans of cilantro in this house!


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Brown Butter Fish

There are certain foods that you might love, and find simple to make, but do not make often because they are too decadent. Cheesecake and lasagna are some that come to mind for me. Brown butter definitely sounds decadent, but it is fairly simple to make after you do it the first time. This makes it something that want to incorporate in all sorts of dishes, but you feel like it should be relegated to special occasions. I have made brown butter brownies, brown butter chocolate chip cookies, and now brown butter fish. Every so often, I page through my America’s Test Kitchen binder and find new meals I missed before. We were super excited to try this, especially because it had a fancy sounding name. This is not as bad for you as you would expect because you do not need much butter to make a big impact with the flavor.

For this recipe, feel free to use many kinds of white fish. It has turned out well with sole, cod, and halibut so far. Sole works well because it cooks super quickly but I also really liked the halibut. I had never cooked with it before, but it was hard to resist since it was fresh at my grocery store, and local! When you use different kinds of fish, make sure you adjust the cooking times for whatever fish you have. A thin piece of fish will take about 3 minutes per side.

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Roasted Cod with Lemon

This was derived by the same book I used for some roasted veggie posts: Sonia Stevenson called “Roasting”. I wanted to make fish in a new way, and this ended up being a nicely flavored and fairly healthy dish. If you want a light summery dish, this is perfect. I served it with some quinoa, but you can serve it with potatoes or another starch, too.

I did not have all of the ingredients she listed, so I made do with what I had and it still turned out well. I enjoyed how easy it was, except for when I forgot that the pan would be hot after it was out of the oven. Ugh! Another burn, another silly moment for me.

I was happy I got to use a birthday present for this, and they worked really well (sweet but with a subtle kick):

So, be careful with the hot pan, gather just a few ingredients, and then enjoy it for your next fish night!

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