Fish (Tilapia) Tacos

Now you could certainly make these tacos with other fish, but again, pandemic things. We haven’t been able to buy our normal fresh fish this summer. Usually I am getting lots of salmon from the store and grilling it. This year, we are getting our fish fix with frozen shrimp and frozen fish fillets. I normally don’t buy tilapia because I prefer non-farm fish, but I can’t be as picky right now. So, when I found a bag of reasonably-priced frozen tilapia fillets, I bought it. I was going to make different things with them, but each time I ended up wanting them for fish tacos. It’s so easy and fast.

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Fish Tacos

We really do like tacos in this house. We hadn’t had them for awhile, but I wasn’t in the mood for more chicken, or even for beef. I wanted shrimp, but since I’m supposed to limit them right now, I decided to go with a white fish I am allowed to have in moderation. Yay! It was something new for us, and it ended up as a light meal that was still filling. I made my usual tortillas, adding in some dill this time. We also did our usual sides and discovered that my mini food processor works super well for guacamole. In fact, K said that is the only way to make it from now on. For our salsa, we had some fresh pineapple on hand and decided to mix it up a bit. We combined chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper, dried chopped onion (you could use raw), cilantro, and chopped pineapple into my new favorite salsa. It was amazing! Sweet, which paired really well with the savory tacos. I also loved the guacamole with the salsa.


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