Merry Christmas 2017!

I’m just writing a little post now and who knows, maybe after the Chiplet is here I will have time to update with some family pictures or something. In the meantime, I want to share that although it is the first Christmas I won’t be “home” in Maryland with family, I still get to be with family in our home. Hopefully next year we can once again travel to Maryland to see everyone for Christmas (and other visits, too) but for now, it is nice to have a cozy place to celebrate without hopping on an airplane. My dad and stepmother M will already be back in Maryland by now. My brother and family were visiting Maryland for Thanksgiving, and then my dad and M were coming after their visit to meet the Chiplet and see us. Then, with a little time in-between, K’s parents are coming around Christmas to stay with us for a bit, too. So, although we don’t get to see all of our family members, we still get some family time that I know the Fudgelet will love.

Because I knew Thanksgiving would be a hectic time for us, we planned an early Friendsgiving to celebrate. We also did some early Christmas decorating because I wanted the Fudgelet to be able to still celebrate. As I write this, we are not yet at this point, so I am only predicting. But, I am planning all of this to keep some normalcy in these exciting times.

I am happy to have been able to share another calendar year on this blog with everyone and hope you are also having time with family and friends.

Topic-Changing Thursdays: Fudgelet’s Christmas Vacation for 2016

We made our twice-annual visit to Maryland to see family, friends, and celebrate Christmas. Shortly after this post goes live we will be back home and getting ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends and our small family Christmas. We save our gifts for when we get home…lots of pros because you can have everything ready for when we get home and not have to worry about shipping it somewhere else, there is no hassle of bringing presents to and fro, and it spreads out the giving. Here’s hoping my boys like their presents.


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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Blog Changes

Ok, so I lied a bit when I said I wasn’t going to have anymore posts this week. But, at the time it was true. I just happened to have the chance to make some changes. I was inspired by Joanna who continually updates the look of her blog with fun tweaks. I decided I hadn’t done it for a while. I changed the tagline sometime ago, but you might not have even noticed it. Now, I’ve changed it again to reflect upcoming changes to the blog!

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: Holiday Fun

Merry Post-Christmas! For those of you who celebrate, I hope you had a nice time with family. We again visited Maryland after just being back for Thanksgiving. (It was such a short time between this year!) I figured today is a good day to share some holiday pictures from over the past month. No recipes today, just photos. Tune in next week for some new recipes!


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Topic-Changing-Thursdays: Happy Holidays!

In between two apple posts, here is a topic changer! I wanted to post about my trip back home and holiday activities to date. How is your holiday season going? After arriving back in Maryland just over a week ago, I am finally adjusted to the time zone. It was time to get ready for traditions, family, and food!


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Pretty Much Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy Birthday to me! I wanted to share this post on this day since I think of my mom even more on this day. She always made birthdays special, along with just being a wonderful mom. Thinking of you, Mom, and the signs you used to post around the house on my birthday reminding me what time I was born, my many family nicknames, etc., the desserts you would make (picked out by the birthday person), the special dinner meals you made (picked out by the birthday person), the thoughtful gifts you would give, and the time spent together (shopping days and buying lunch out!).

My mom–a few years younger than I am turning. 🙂

My dad and I from a previous birthday. He does a pretty good job being both dad and substitute mom! Hehe.

Now onto the cookies!!

I had to include my husband K, who does “his darndest” to keep my birthdays happy. And he does love his cookies…(ignore the bread in the background, which may be part of a future post)

Just a quick note…I recommend this other recipe now in 2016.

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