Homemade Granola with Almonds

I used to make granola, back when I ate yogurt because it was supposed to be good for me. But then I realized that yogurt either had too much sugar, used fake sugar, or was way too sour for me. Soooo, I gave up on my granola making. Since then, I’ve eaten lots of different kinds of cereal, but never been entirely pleased with any of them. The ones I liked the most tended to be pricey, and it was a pain to wait for sales when I was running low. I found a post where someone made granola with applesauce to replace some oil. I thought that was such a neat idea, so I decided to try making granola again. This time, I would add almonds since I discovered how much I liked them in other cereals I was eating.


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Jeweled Rice

We hadn’t had any Indian food for awhile, and in my search for a recipe to make, I came across this. It is not Indian at all, but it had some of the same seasonings which I was craving. This led to my first experience eating pistachios and being aware of what I was eating. They are super tasty! I can see why they cost so much. I was sad I had to buy a whole container initially, but after trying them, I am ok with it. You can buy some of these ingredients already prepped, such as the carrots and slivered almonds, but it’s not necessary. I love my food processor for doing carrots. It does it in under a minute and they taste better than the store-shredded kind.



I served our jeweled rice with some chicken to add some protein. We had the leftovers other ways, too, like with soft poached eggs. Mmm.

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