Mixed Bag Mondays (part 13): Mostly Misses

Let’s start with the cute…the Fudgelet attempting to help me line the cupcake tray. He struggled with separating them and mostly would give me a stack of 5-10 in each. Oops.


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Sebastian’s Remarkably Wonderful Brownies

Somehow, Dorie was correct. These brownies are both a bit fudgey and a bit cakey. Not one or the other fully, and yet they are delicious. They are not “traditional” tasting brownies, but they are good when you want brownies that are a little different. They aren’t more work than some other brownies, but they do require a mixer.


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Brown Butter and Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake

This is a fairly straightforward cake with a hint of fancy. The fancy comes from the brown butter and vanilla bean. You can even add some rum or other flavorings if desired. It’s half breakfast, half snack cake. There wasn’t a picture in the cookbook, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but it ended up as I expected. It is not your typical fluffy, light cake. But, I think that’s part of the reason you can eat it all day long. It’s not too sweet, either.




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Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream

Do you know what is happening one week from today? A very big deal. Part of the reason we need to have more fudginess today.


So much fudginess…


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Hot Chocolate Panna Cotta for Two

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! I recently made a dinner that required 1 cup of heavy cream. This can be exciting, because it means I have 1 cup remaining in my pint container for something else….but what to make? You could double the original dinner recipe, but that wasn’t necessary. Also, many recipes require 2 cups of cream. In fact, this recipe originally did. But, the recipe (with 2 cups) would make more than we could eat before the panna cotta would start to be less yummy (according to Dorie). So, halving the recipe would be great! In general, it was easy, although some ingredient amounts got fudged a bit (haha). But, it is such a good recipe, that it didn’t even matter. It really does taste like cold hot chocolate, and the version I am sharing is perfect to whip up during a baby’s 30 minute nap, and then eat it with your husband when he comes home that night. You know, if you’re me. Otherwise, you could make it whenever you like, just know it needs a few hours to set.


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Black and White Cheesecake

What I love about Dorie Greenspan’s cookbooks is that she has tons of recipes, and within those recipes are variations. So, you get to have fun while still following a basic course. I have made cheesecakes before, but never a plain one. This one has chocolate in it, but since you’re just stirring it into a basic cheesecake batter, I’m counting it as a plain one for our family. 🙂 I own two of Dorie’s cookbooks, and both are so full of recipes, that I feel like I can open the book at random and find another recipe I haven’t made yet. And, the recipes are usually ones I would enjoy to eat! (I have such a strong chocolate bias, that sometimes it is hard to break from that dessert mold.) One day, while looking through one of her cookbooks, I came across her cheesecake section and decided it would be fun to try one. And, since I hadn’t made a basic one before, I had no idea how simple the recipe was! Sure, it took time, and sure, I had to buy the cream cheese, but otherwise it was a very straightforward recipe. Even easier than cake! I always thought they were tricky to make.


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Almost-Fudge Gateau

My friend Lisa made a flourless (or almost flourless) chocolate cake for us and I loved it! It was not my first time having one of them, but this particular one was so fudgy. I was flipping through a cookbook later and came across this recipe. Even though it sounded pretty close to Lisa’s version, I still wanted to try it because apparently I really needed some fudgy chocolate cakes. This is full of chocolate, and I used extra dark when I made it, including some unsweetened chocolate.



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