Deluxe Chocolate-Chocolate Cookies

We have some really great friends, and one of the best ways I can repay them for their kind gestures is by baking them something yummy. I had just gotten to a chocolate cookie recipe in my Tartine cookbook, which I thought our friend Michael would like. He is so good when we visit Maryland; he checks our mail, takes us/picks us up from the airport if we need it, and so on. He also drives K to work, since K and I share a car. It’s nice having such a good neighbor, so he definitely deserved these cookies. I made a couple small changes, but I did not want to mess with the brownie consistency of these cookies. They stay soft for quite a while.


The recipe did not call for any kind of chocolate chips, which I found horrifying. I love chocolate cookies with some sort of texture. Since the cookies were going to be super dark, I knew that white chocolate chips would go well: nice pockets of creamy sweetness. On a few of the cookies, I went bold and added some salt on top. It ended up working really well. You can leave it out, just like you could leave out the chocolate chips, but maybe you can try it on at least one cookie. Go on, be bold.

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