Flour Bakery’s Blueberry Muffins

Let’s preface this with…the Chiplet could be here by now. Or maybe not. And by typing this, I have a weird deja vu feeling from when I wrote stuff like this about the Fudgelet’s arrival. If the Chiplet is here, I hope to give an update soon. If he hasn’t arrived yet or my update is slow, you can also check my Instagram/Twitter pages in case I update there first.

Now, onto the muffins!

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Quick Cheesesteak Subs

Today is my Dad’s birthday! I have been treating him to desserts each month for a few years now, but unfortunately I have been slacking this past year. It’s been harder than I realized to send treats 1) when I’m a new mom, 2) when I don’t visit home very often now, and 3) when there are snow storms that delay treats you do send. So, I am truly sorry, Dad, and hope to do better this year. It has also been crazy how fast the months have gone by. I’ve been trying to set more of a routine for myself each week so that I can fit in my chores and tasks more easily. I had an old routine pre-Fudgelet, and now I need to make a new one. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. 😉


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Cinnamon and Chocolate Coffee Cake

It has been awhile since I’ve shared a new recipe for my dad. He’s been requesting his favorite chocolate chip cookies a bunch, as well as some other favorites. He asked for a coffee cake, and said I could make whatever I wanted. This cake is definitely “cake-like”. A bit fluffy, and a bit cinnamon-heavy (feel free to dial it back for your palate). He enjoyed it, as did K and I with the few pieces we couldn’t fit in the container we mailed (tragic, I know).


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