Curry in a Hurry

What do you consider “a hurry”? I made the spice mixture for this ahead of time, and just left it in my mini food processor in case it needed to be re-processed. It meant that dinner came together in less than the time it took to cook the rice. I added spinach because I like what curry does for spinach, and I like having everything all together. Everyone ate this, and I cut out the serrano peppers to appease our sensitive tongues. You can certainly add them back in and up the spice. You could leave out the spinach, but you can also add more or less. It’s not a picky recipe, which also helps with a time crunch. For a large portion, you are just stirring occasionally while discussing cars with your toddler. Or whatever you do in your spare cooking time.

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Slow Cooker Indian Chicken Curry

Most chicken slow cooker recipes require bone-in chicken, of which K isn’t a fan. I was excited to find a recipe that had flavors we like, and allowed for boneless thighs! There is lots of flavor in this curry.


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Chicken Korma

K grew up with Jasmine rice, but he also loves Basmati rice. Partly because of one of our favorite restaurants, but also because it’s different. It’s really simple to make, so if I find a recipe that uses it, I am ok with it, even though that means I go without our rice cooker. I am sure you can use the rice cooker, but I haven’t wanted to mess with a good method! Well, this time I decided to mess with “the method” a little bit. Instead of just plain Basmati rice, I added some turmeric and curry powder when I added the rice to the boiling water. This turned the rice a pretty yellow color, and it tasted really good with the main course. It makes me think about what I should try next time, or what I could add to Jasmine rice!


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Thai Curry with Shrimp, Pineapple, and Peanuts

This recipe is a bit dangerous, I should warn you. I have worked with serrano peppers before, so I know how they are. I used that one instead of a jalapeno because it is mild enough for the weak palates in my family. But, when I made the curry paste with the serrano and dried chiles…something was extra spicy! I must have washed my hands at least 10 times before the spice wore off them. I would recommend wearing gloves to be safe. A lesson for next time! Because, yes, we will make this again. The other fun parts for this recipe included the shrimp and the pineapple.




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One Dish Chicken Curry with Rice

Do you go through phases of wanting to make new dishes and other phases of not caring? It happens every so often and it feels almost like writer’s block. Sometimes I’m super interested in baking or cooking, and then sometimes I really dread planning out meals for the week. Those are the weeks I hope to have leftovers around so I do not have to do much thinking. If all else fails, I rely on cookbooks to give me inspiration and luckily I have tons of cookbooks.

After looking at some skillet dishes I decided to do my own version but in the Dutch oven. I like cooking in skillets, but lately I prefer the Dutch oven because it cooks more evenly and makes stirring easier (less likely to have food go flying out of the pan). You can certainly use a skillet if that is what you have…I am calling this “One Dish” and not “Dutch Oven” or “Skillet” Chicken Curry after all.

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Chicken Katsu Curry with Roasted Cauliflower and Mushrooms

I stumbled across the blog That Does Not Suck and liked how easy this chicken recipe from Olive Magazine sounded. I made a few changes, but in general just really liked the flavors in the original.

This is a great weeknight meal when you want something comforting that tastes like it took forever to make. With my husband K helping with prep, things went really quickly. We also really like making cauliflower this way. It is easy and makes it taste sweet!

Yes, with cauliflower!

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