Vanilla Ice Cream with Swirls of Graham Cracker Crust, Cheesecake, and Strawberry/Blueberry Curd

I bet you loved the pie so much from the last post that you had to come back today to see what else we could make with the curd, graham cracker crumbs, and liquid cheesecake. There is no chocolate in today’s recipe, although you certainly could add some! This was me noticing that I would have some liquid cheesecake leftover as well as crumbs and curd, and then realizing that it sounded like the Ben & Jerry’s strawberry cheesecake ice cream. My husband likes the flavor but often complains that he can’t taste the cheesecake flavor after a while. So, I decided to swirl it in as a mix-in, instead of just making it the base. This way, he gets bits of cheesecake as he goes, as well as other swirls. As I’ve mentioned previously, he is a smooth ice cream fan, so this fits the bill. The graham crumbs have a bit of texture, but they dissolve pretty quickly in a yummy way.


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Milk Bar Brownie Pie with Liquid Cheesecake Frosting and Strawberry/Blueberry Curd

It seems like Momofuku Milk Bar recipes always require such long titles because the book makes it so easy to mix and match recipes. I kept forgetting about the brownie pie recipe, and it’s silly because it is one of their easiest to make. Only one extra recipe required, and that’s just a crust! But, then I wanted to top it with something special and the fruit curd and liquid cheesecake both sounded so good. Then I figured, why not both?


For this recipe, you will need half of the liquid cheesecake recipe I told you to make last post as well as the strawberry and blueberry curd that is in the same post. You will only need a small bit of the curd. But don’t worry, you will use the remaining amounts for Friday’s post. (I told you this week would have many things to make!)

For the graham crust in this recipe, I highly recommend making your own graham cracker crumbs and not using storebought. I notice a difference everytime. I am not saying you need to make your own graham crackers, although you could, I am just saying that you should use a food processor or rolling pin to grind them fresh. They taste much better, and that comes from the girl who loves shortcuts. And once more, you will have some of the graham crust crumbs left for what is coming on Friday. Trust me, it is worth it. If you end up not liking it, you can always eat away your disappointment with all of these extra dessert toppings.

Remember this teaser?

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Strawberry and Blueberry “Curd”

What do you have planned for your holidays? I am not sure if I will make anything when I go back home or not. It’s always hard not having my supplies with me. I like having my certain pots and utensils. Some recipes will look easy but then I realize they are only easy while I am in my own kitchen and not necessarily when I am with someone else. I think this could be one of those dishes I could make in a different kitchen because it does not require anything fancy. You can feel free to use other fruit, too, but adjust the sugar levels if you plan on using sweeter or less sweet fruit. I used frozen fruit and it was fine.


This is a special week of dessert dishes. Basically, I went looking through some books and was inspired to make a cake and an ice cream using some of the same ingredients. This first recipe was inspired by Sprinklebake’s Blackberry Curd. It has such a fabulous color and I wanted to make a strawberry curd. Unfortunately, I was tired and totally misread the directions, so I ended up creating my own curd. It ended up being perfect, even if it is not quite as thick as normal curd recipes are. To give you an idea of what’s coming, it did work well swirled in ice cream, as well as to top a cake. Once chilled it is less runny. One other clue/pairing idea: it pairs well with cheesecake-flavored items, such as liquid cheesecake frosting. You can see how to make the liquid cheesecake frosting here.

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Lemon Curd Donuts

I have a big thanks to Nicole at Baking Bites for coming up with such yummy recipes! I had picked up some Meyer lemons when my husband noticed they were on sale. I had heard of them before, but never used them. I am so glad I finally did! The weather is beautiful in Seattle right now, and I wanted something lemony to echo the sunshine.

UW Cherry Blossoms

For these “donuts”, you bake the batter so they are kind of like muffins, but super fluffy. Almost like a lemon poundcake. I liked that she has plain and lemon varieties to choose from. I went full on lemon today, with lemon donuts that are filled with her lemon curd.

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