Moroccan Meatball Soup

If you’ve been trying to be healthy for the new year, this could be a good recipe for you. It was satisfying but full of vegetables and not full of the foods we should eat in moderation. With a bit of couscous and meatballs, along with some tasty seasoning, this dish is easy and yet so tasty! We all liked it and it is perfect for a cold day or even a warm day since it doesn’t need the oven.

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Chicken Ghee Skillet Roast

This was a recipe I had to make. I had all of the ingredients…I did end up buying some extra chicken to make a larger batch for leftovers, and I needed a lime, but that was minor. I love recipes where I can just use my pantry. Don’t you?


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Jambalaya with a side of Cumin Carrots

It is always fun to take recipes that you have heard of, and that look a bit complicated, and find out that they are pretty simple. Thanks to Jonathan at Candid Appetite I have discovered Jambalaya is one of those dishes. I made a few changes, so I am putting it here for my own memory, but also for people to see a slight variation of such an awesome recipe. You can find his Jambalaya recipe here. Be warned, though…this dish makes mad leftovers. We had well-sized portions, but there were still at least 8 more servings left! If you prefer a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner, this might be perfectly sized for your family. You can turn up or down the heat, and you can also play with the protein. Jonathan called for chicken, andouille sausage, and shrimp. Since we are not fans of that kind of sausage, I used other sausage (leftover from what I bought for this sausage recipe) and just shrimp. The chicken would have been too much for us to appreciate. I also decided to have some fun with carrots, so there is a bonus recipe in this, too!

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