Chinese and Italian Chicken with Rice Noodles

It took a while to come up with that title. I mean, you guys know I like to mix cultures but this one was quite a bit unique. We had leftover rice noodles from when Lisa was over cooking Pad Thai (fresh from a cooking trip to Thailand) for us. I decided to treat them kind of like cooked spaghetti. So, I decided that browned butter, chicken, mushrooms, and the rice noodles could go well together, along with a bit of sage and soy sauce. Surprisingly, it came together in a nice homey dish.



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Diversified Thanksgiving

Originally today was going to be another recipe that was completely unrelated to the events of this past week, but when Joanna of Midwestern Bite sent me a message asking about my Thanksgiving and how it works with the combined cultures….well, I decided I could post about it and our combined cultural experiences.

If you continue past the break, you will find the recipe for a boozy cranberry sauce.

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