Salty, Thin and Crispy Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate

Continuing with my oats theme, here is another cookie I made to up my oats intake, but still satisfying my cookie needs. 🙂 You could play around with this recipe and add nuts or other mix-ins you like. If you add nuts, and if they are salted, I would cut back on the salt a bit. I would think adding dried fruit would also be tasty in this. Or other kinds of chips, like butterscotch, etc. And in typing chips…I wonder about adding potato chips, like with these cookies!?


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Crispy Sweet Potatoes

If you were wondering what was going on last week, since I kept saying something special was happening, well….my dad’s wedding was yesterday! I made a cake for the two of them to have for their cake-cutting. I do not have the pictures to share at this point, but hopefully soon! Maybe in a Topic-Changing Thursday post. 🙂


In the meantime, I have these yummy sweet potatoes for you. I am so used to buying regular potatoes that I forget how good sweet potatoes are. This might be my favorite way to have them. Often, people make their sweet potatoes too sweet for my taste. I never understood the marshmallow casserole thing. Bleck. To me, they are sweet enough as is, and I like them with a savory edge. This recipe gives a little sass to the sugary sweet potato.

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