Flour Bakery’s Banana Bread

I’ve made my dad banana bread numerous times now. And when he has been happy each time, it seemed silly to bother looking for another recipe when the first one had been doing so well. Except for one problem…I didn’t have yogurt. I also didn’t have much time to go buy yogurt, and I wanted to make the bread ASAP to freeze it and have it ready to ship. Then I decided to search through my cookbooks and see if I had any other prospects.

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Chicken with White Wine

This was our Easter meal. It was a nice day with lots of sunshine, which might mean you don’t want the oven on, but I often like to cook chicken in the oven on days like that. It feels summery because my mom used to do it. Normally I would roast potatoes with chicken and vegetables, but the oven was in use and I had a feeling mashed potatoes would work well for this. Well, they did. And adding the remainder of the creme fraiche to the mashed potatoes was an awesome idea. You know, if you need more awesome ideas in your life.


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