Mixed Berry Scones

I’ve made lots of scone recipes and decided to try a new one for my dad. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I will try it again for sure, but I am not sure if it is a real keeper over my other berry scones. Berries always make scones a bit more challenging and a bit more rustic-looking. These were so hard to form into scones, but the end result was delicious. So, that is why I will try them again, because maybe I need to practice it further. I just had a challenge keeping the dough together.

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Grandma Pizza

I watched the episode of Cook’s Country where they made this pizza. It seemed interesting because it was made in a baking sheet (no pizza stone mentioned), I didn’t need to make or buy a sauce, and the cheese goes on first, before the tomatoes. Thennnnn I made the mistake of not saving the recipe for later. Thankfully, I found it on a blog so that I could make it, too! I am not sure what Rebecca changed from the original since I don’t have the original, but I liked how this turned out. I’ve been making lots of pizza things because the Fudgelet finally likes it, and it is less messy than some other food. At least, homemade pizza tends to be less messy.


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Ham-and-Cheese Pie

This is a picture-light post. As in, not many pictures, but there are also not many steps. It is a simple recipe you could make on a weekday if you have a bit more time (most of the time is for the pie to bake and then cool). I made it on a weekend just because that’s how I roll these days. Are you surprised to see ham in the title? You should be. I don’t like ham. At least not most of the time. But, I was willing to suck it up to try this recipe. You can easily pull out the ham from your slice if you don’t like it, but I was surprised–the ham I picked out wasn’t too bad. I got a low-sodium variety from the deli counter and I would get it again.


And yeah yeah, not the prettiest of pictures, but here is the whole pie…


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Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Don’t get turned off by hearing oatmeal. These are not at all like the oatmeal cookies you have tried before. I do enjoy oatmeal cookies, but usually with M&Ms in them. I wanted to have something chocolaty for when my friend visited me recently, so I found this recipe through a Cook’s Country magazine. I changed it a bit, so I am submitting my version below.

These cookies taste chocolaty first with a crisp start, and then become chewy and even more rich tasting. The chewiness is not super chewy, but more soft inside. The melted chocolate really works well for this. The recipe calls for milk chocolate for that part, which I used, but I used the Theo Classic Milk Chocolate bar which has a higher cacao percentage than many other milk chocolate bars. Basically, use whatever chocolate tastes good for you, but not the darkest stuff you have around.

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Oatmeal Fudge Bars

I think it’s pretty obvious to people who know me that I absolutely love chocolate. Last year when I was trying to lose a little weight I managed to go without it for a few days. The first day wasn’t a big deal, but boy was that second day horrible! After that, I was fine. I then gradually added treats back in. Of course, I’m back in almost full form. I made a chocolate chunk pie a little while ago (recipe coming soon) and I kept going back for more. I was almost relieved when it was finally gone so I wouldn’t be tempted by it anymore! When I made this I made sure to take 3/4 of it to work.

There is something about chocolate and oats that is a good combination. My friend Lisa made these bars with white chocolate and I loved them, even though I’m not always a white chocolate fan. So, feel free to make it with whatever chocolate you prefer. I was thinking I might even try two layers one time–one white, one chocolate–to see how it turns out. We each have a copy of the magazine this recipe came from (Cook’s Country Chocolate Desserts). I haven’t made anything else from it yet because it feels like I am getting a new cookbook each week I have to try! But, it definitely has some good-sounding recipes.

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Skillet Lasagna (with Garlic Bread)

We were visiting our families in Maryland when I discovered this recipe. I needed to go grocery shopping anyway when we came back, but I liked that this wasn’t the kind of recipe you needed a long list for. Many of the ingredients might be on hand anyway…and it’s also a fairly fast dish, especially for lasagna!

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