Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

After sharing the slight miss in the sprinkles earlier this week, here I am to show that they still worked out okay in this treat.

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Cookie Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today’s post comes to you from a Friday Favorites link! I loved that the recipe was easy and could be made and baked within an hour (less, really). No chilling required! It was really tasty, and a great last minute recipe for when a friend is going to drop by. Two reasons: you get to make it quickly and you have someone to share them with!


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Oat Cookie Liquid Cheesecake Bites

Today’s recipe is inspired by some Momofuku recipes getting combined together. I had cream cheese I needed to use (all part of the move), and I had wanted to try some of the other recipes. So, I decided to see how the liquid cheesecake would taste with the oat cookie recipe. Apparently, they go really well together! You might be tempted to just make the cookie and stop there (it was really good and could be portioned into cookies, instead of just spread out on the pan).


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Pie Crust for a Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

I wanted something chocolatey in the house after making tons of non-chocolate scones and having run out of brownies. After browsing my bookmarks, I found what I was looking for–a chocolate chip cookie pie. I had to start by making a pie crust, so I used this recipe from Faux Martha.

This was only my second pie crust ever, so I tried to follow the recipe faithfully. This recipe makes two crusts. Don’t be like me–I didn’t know what to do with the other one and waited too long so I had to toss the second one. I found out later that you should pretend like you’re making the second crust into a pie (press it into a pan then freeze it so it will be ready when you need it).

The recipe was pretty easy and I liked the end result. The filling was also tasty! I think next time I might prebake the crust slightly (maybe 5 minutes) and then fill it. It seemed like the bottom could have been a little more crisp/browned.

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