Guest Post on Gai Lan

Today you won’t find my full post on here, but instead I am doing a guest post at Sorey Fitness. It was such an honor to be asked by Kalee to do a guest post on her blog at Sorey Fitness. What makes it extra fun is I usually don’t focus on health for my blog posts, but her blog is definitely all about staying healthy. Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t value health. In fact, I do long daily workouts to help allow me all of these treats. So, when Kalee asked, I immediately thought of the Chinese veggies that K (my husband) cooks for us almost everyday. Sometimes I cook them, too, once he showed me how. I started by going to the stores with him to see what to look for in a fresh vegetable, and then learned how to prepare them.


Go step over to Kalee’s blog to see my post there about Gai Lan and another spin on the congee recipe I posted on here a little while ago.



Congee aka Chinese Porridge

It seems like most Chinese people have their own version of this. So, if you are Chinese and grew up with something similar but not identical, rest assured that I am not telling you that yours is wrong. I might just be saying that this is my favorite and it makes my stomach happy. There is room for variation in this recipe, which makes it great for weekends when you have not gone grocery shopping yet. You can throw in different ingredients you already have and still have something delicious. There are two ways you can make this; one is with a rice cooker, and the other is fully on the stove. So, even if you do not have a rice cooker, you have no excuse!


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