Tips-y Tuesdays: How to Clean Out Your Pantry/Freezer with Compost Cookies

If you have been keeping up, you know that I got a new house! As a result, I had to work to clear out my pantry a bit, as well as the refrigerator and freezer. I love stocking up and being prepared to bake most things at a moment’s notice. If K wants brownies or chocolate chip cookies, I want to follow orders (his requests are such a compliment!). This means that we were going to have a lot of food to move. So, over the last month I was busy making random dishes, both to allow for some leftovers (in case we were short on time during the moving/transition time), and to use random ingredients.


One of the best ways is to make recipes like Compost Cookies. I have made them before, near the start of my blog, but I decided to make them again. One reason was to put a theory into practice about glucose versus corn syrup. It appears that using glucose might actually help with the texture of the Momofuku Milk Bar cookies. It worked well for one recipe, so I tried this recipe again. The cookies still sunk a bit after cooling, but part of that was from using marshmallows. I am including this recipe to remember the latest combination of inclusions which formed a tasty combo. Next time I might not include the peanut butter chips, but it was all for the purpose of using up the last bit I had.


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Compost Cookies

A good friend bought me the Momofuku dessert cookbook and we’ve been baking different recipes out of it.  My slightly failed layer cake from my first post was so that I could make the lemon curd from the book as the filling.

When I saw the compost cookie recipe, it reminded me of cookies another friend had made for me a long time ago.  I think she called them kitchen sink cookies.  Basically, she tossed a whole bunch of ingredients she knew I would like into one cookie.  What makes these so awesome is how you can customize them for your eating audience.

It’s a pretty basic cookie recipe, what with beating the butter and sugar together–

Before this recipe, I don’t know if I ever beat butter and sugar as long as I was supposed to. It got super fluffy, and I’ve been following the same method ever since.

I had to assemble the “compost” part next.

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