Cinnamon Braided Brioche Bread

Are you tired of bread yet? I hope not. This is (maybe) the best bread I made with the brioche dough. We all loved it so much that I made it twice within a week. If you already have the dough ready, this is a super easy recipe. It’s a bit tricky to explain the braids, so look at the pictures, or also go back to my challah post where I did the same style of braids.

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Baked French Toast (1 Hour)

Before the Chiplet, we definitely started doing brunch more often. K runs everyday, and he doesn’t eat before his workout so is ready for a nice breakfast in the late morning. The Fudgelet and I will eat breakfast before my workout (where he often joins me) and then are ready for lunch in the late morning. Since our breakfasts are usually simple, we are fine with anything for lunch from burgers to scrambled eggs.

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Za’atar and Honey Butter Rockfish

Today we are keeping things simple. A little bit of this and a little bit of that make for an interesting fish flavoring. I had extra honey butter from a pastry recipe linked below, and then decided to use it on fish. Add a little savory seasoning and it worked really well. I’ve also used a similar seasoning on salmon with good results. If you don’t have za’atar seasoning, you can certainly use a different spice mix. It’s just one of my favorites lately for fish.

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Cinnamon Roll Bundt Cake

I don’t often make bundt cakes, even though I own a regular bundt pan and a mini bundt pan tray. Part of it is I am still looking for my perfect bundt cake recipe. They are denser than regular cakes, and I understand why, but I am still hoping to come around to them a bit more. Do you have a favorite recipe? This recipe was good…it is definitely sweet with a LOT of frosting to go around. I actually had extra frosting that we saved just in case…but then ended up tossing it. Next time I would maybe make a little less frosting just because the cake didn’t need as much. It is a moist cake, and I like the cinnamon swirl in it. I could even see making more of the cinnamon layer and doing a second layer of it.

My frosting didn’t come out as nicely as Bridget’s did, but the mini ones look nice. I would say maybe I needed more sugar to thicken the frosting, but it was as sweet as I could handle it as is.

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Homemade Cinnamon Chips

My dad was coming to visit me, and I was preparing him some treats. He requested scones, and I said I could also do a pie. Both are recipes I have made multiple times before. The scones, less so because I haven’t made the cinnamon ones as often, but I still have made many scones. After looking back at the recipes to see what ingredients I needed, I decided to make a couple changes. For starters, I don’t know what happened, but I was supposed to share a different cinnamon scone recipe on here. I don’t even know which one that was, so I guess it will have to remain undefined. I also mentioned making cinnamon chips, but never showed them. I also didn’t make them with shortening last time. They turned out a bit more firm/crunchy with shortening. Last time, I believe I used butter or oil and it was a chewier chip.


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Store-Bought-Style Cinnamon-Sour Cream Coffee Cake

How do you like your coffee….cake? There are so many kinds out there. I feel like I keep doing a new one on here every so often, and I don’t know if I have a favorite. They are all different and tasty depending on what you are in the mood for. Or so I thought. Apparently my dad was not a big fan of this one because it is too moist. He likes his coffee cake to be a bit drier. But, luckily he has liked other ones I have made, so I will just save this one for us next time. 😉


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Snickerdoodle Cookies

This is a new type of cookie for me to make. It doesn’t have any of the normal requirements I have for a cookie…except I was in the mood for a chewy cookie. And I thought my dad would like it as a special surprise in his monthly care package. Even if you’re not my dad, you might want some of these yourself. They’re easy to make, and they go very well with ice cream. Mmmm.


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