Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

These were so good. Even days later. I had never thought to try chocolate cinnamon rolls before but there was a recipe with other variations that the Fudgelet saw. He wanted us to try them, so that’s what I did. I spent some time in the evening making the dough, then let it rise during bedtime things and finished it when the kids were asleep. Then I baked them for our lunch.

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Cinnamon Rolls

I have made cinnamon rolls multiple times. They were actually on my dad’s dessert rotation a couple times. It’s harder with me not living near him to make them since you want them fresh. And, with a baby around, it’s kind of hard to make them in Maryland on a visit since they require a lot of time, even if the time is just for rising.

Well, here is a recipe that made me excited to try them again, and they really are faster than the usual batch…but I thought just as delicious. Maybe more so since they were a bit easier? I made them twice within a week since it uses half a block of cream cheese, and I wanted to use the whole block. What else do you make with cream cheese? I have a few meals and desserts, but most require a whole block.

By the way…I totally glazed these without letting them cool properly the first time since I was so excited about eating them. That’s why they look a bit…messy…they looked better once they cooled, and better the second time. But I forgot to take pictures that time. Because…you know, cinnamon rolls were fresh and ready to be eaten.


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