Green Mango Chutney

Because it is the first Friday post I’ve had in awhile, we’re keeping it simple. I’d never bought a mango before, so I thought (at first) that a green mango meant an unripe one. I didn’t realize there are different kinds of mangoes. So, you know, learning something new each day and all that. Luckily, I picked the right kind. I definitely did not cut it the fancy way you see some people do, but it was much easier to peel than I expected. The peel basically came right off as I started cutting, so I just worried about cutting the fruit into cubes. As you can see below, they weren’t perfectly cubed, but I was rushing a bit. I also ended up adding too much water (follow what I wrote, not necessarily the amount of water you see in the pictures!) in my rush, which meant I had to pour some out later. Oh well. It still ended up tasty! Basically, it’s like a sweet and tangy chutney because the mango is sweet, and the vinegar with the savory ingredients gives it a little bit of pucker. I’m not a mango fan normally, but I enjoyed this, especially with the rest of the dish.



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