Vanilla Ice Cream (with brownie chunks)

Since last week I had veggie week, I decided to make this week ice cream/sorbet week in honor of my husband’s birthday on Thursday. My ice cream maker has been getting so much use this summer, especially with all of the ice cream books I keep picking up. All of the recipes this week come from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. This first one is his basic vanilla ice cream. He has two versions, one is egg-less, and then there is this one, which is custard-style. I like having the eggs for certain basic flavors because I think it helps create a nice strong base. Besides, my husband loves eggs.

His method is a little different than what I’m used to with ice cream because instead of the basic bowl in an ice bath, he puts some of the cream in the bowl. I decided to try it and see how it worked. It did not seem to be any different in taste or ease, and it does not use any extra bowls, so I am calling it a draw. For his recipes I may just keep doing it because it worked fine, but for other ice cream recipes I might stick to my old method, like I did here.

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