Corn and Chicken Chowder

Are you feeling soupy? I posted a soup recipe Monday, and here is another one. Both are quite different, even though both represent complete meals (with a couple additions–this one did well with some fresh baked bread on the side). Sure, it’s not corn season anymore, but I think you could modify it and do it with frozen corn. The extra steps for the roasting/corn juice did not make the soup any better. Because of this, I will share what the original recipe said to do, but also tell you what I would do for next time.


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Corn Chowder

This was another recipe for the “soft foods” period we went through recently. There is some crunchy bacon on top, but apparently K was willing to sacrifice for that (ha!).

This was adapted from America’s Test Kitchen and turned out really well. It makes a bunch, so cut back the portions. They said you shouldn’t freeze it, but we tried it anyway. We haven’t had any yet to share if it worked or not. The directions for prepping the corn for the chowder were unnecessarily complicated. Using an immersion blender worked just fine.

Almost ready…

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