One Tin Bakes Blondies (dairy-free)

I actually made this recipe back when I had checked out the book from the library, and then I was pleasantly surprised when my dad and M sent us a bunch of tin-themed gifts for our 10th anniversary, including the cookbook! I was very happy to own it and make more dishes. These blondies are the best blondies I’ve ever had. They were moist, chewy, but a bit of crunch on the edges and top. Plus, I was able to make them dairy-free and didn’t notice any issues. I’m sure the butter can only improve them.

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Tips-y Tuesdays: Chopping Chocolate

I wanted to come share a few tips for chopping chocolate that I use to make my life easier.

The first tip, if you didn’t already know, is to use a serrated knife, especially a bread knife. It is a great size for a bar of chocolate. Plus, it does the best job of cutting it into the pieces you want.

The second tip is to use the chocolate wrappers to help you. I use the wrappers opened under the bars with my wooden cutting board underneath. This means that most of the chocolate stays on the paper and is easier to get it all into whatever bowl you need.

Finally, I chop the chocolate on diagonals. Then, when I need them to be smaller, I spin the wrappers and cut on the opposite diagonal.

Neopolitan (Or Chocolate and Strawberry) Cookies

For today’s cookies, you can make them as I did originally, which is making them as 3 flavors: chocolate/vanilla/strawberry, aka Neopolitan. But, for the future, I will just make it as 2 flavors because the effort of dividing the dough into thirds was not worth the end result. We couldn’t really taste the vanilla cookie part because the other flavors dominated.

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Junior’s Marble Loaf

Today’s treat is brought to you from June. I was so excited to get this recipe book for my birthday because I had wanted it for YEARS. As in, back when the Fudgelet was a baby. But it’s all good because I have it now and I started baking out of it right away. I noticed that many of the recipes make big batches of treats, so you will find me making half recipes, like I did here. Instead of making two loaves, I just made one, which is plenty for us.

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Wayback Wednesdays: Chocolate Cake Similarities

This might not quite count as a Wayback Wednesday post, but recently I wanted to make a flourless chocolate cake and remembered one I made years ago from Tartine Bakery. I was wondering how much these recipes compared to each other. The recipe I am comparing it to is called Chocolate Cloud Cake from Genius Desserts.

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Mixed-Bag Mondays: Candy Making

I am still trying to figure out candy making. Occasionally I nail it and feel so proud of myself, and other times it fails abysmally. For today’s adventure in candy, I know that part of the problem was I made a change…the recipe was supposed to be for peanut butter and I substituted almond butter because of the Chiplet. I used an almond butter that is super close to peanut butter for texture but it isn’t my favorite for taste, so that might have been another fail on my part.

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Half-Birthday Cake (Chocolate and White Chocolate Checkerboard Cake)

Today I am sharing the recipes for the cakes I used, but the main key is the design (although the cakes were also super delicious and stayed that way for a week). I found this really fun to make. It was easier than doing fancy frosting designs.

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