Classic Chocolate Cake with Caramel and Fudge (Chocolate Millionaire’s Cake)

I started to make this cake just as chocolate with chocolate, but then the recipe mentioned caramel and chocolate drizzle. It was 8 am and I had already been up for hours but decided to go for it. I’m glad I did! It ended up a lot like this cake I had made for my birthday awhile ago. But, it was basically the easier and better version. I had no issues with the caramel’s consistency for using it inside the cake. I didn’t quite follow the full recipe, but it was still good as is.

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Cookie Butter Cheesecake

One of my weekly follows is Bake at 350’s Sweet on Trader Joe’s posts. She and her son pick out a new treat each week and review them. In general, I have agreed wholeheartedly with their favorites, so I look forward to what goodies I should pick up from there! Well, I was catching up on all of the older posts in the series and came across the cookie butter cheesecake. That sounded delicious. I rushed to Trader Joe’s and searched frantically, but to no avail. Where was it?? I ended up asking the cashier who said it was a seasonal item. As in, only around Christmas time. What? Boo! So, I decided to make my own version.


Since then, I notice they have cookie butter cheesecake bites in their frozen aisle, but that’s not as impressive as pulling out a whole big cheesecake. So, I made a whole big cheesecake.



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