Entenmann’s-Style Chocolate Covered Vanilla Doughnuts

When I was planning out the Chiplet’s second birthday party, I came across an idea for using Entenmann’s doughnuts as “spare tires” which I liked. I was planning on buying some, and then decided to try baking some. It ended up being pretty easy and is a dish you can make ahead since they freeze really well.

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Chocolate Truffles and Tempering

I have made fake chocolate truffles before and thought I was super awesome. This time around, I wanted to make something special for my husband, so it needed to be the real deal.

Chocolate truffles coated with tempered chocolate…without losing your temper. Once you learn how to temper chocolate, you can use it to coat other things, too. Tempering is nice because it is what gives your candies a snap when you bite into them, it keeps longer at room temperature, it looks prettier (shiny and smooth!), and it’s not super hard. I recommend it when you are making candies. I don’t think you need to do it all of the time with chocolate, but it’s great for truffles.

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