Wayback Wednesdays: Chicken Tikka Masala Meatballs

Now, even though I have made the sauce from this recipe repeatedly, and even though I did make the meatballs multiple times, it had been awhile since I had made them. This time, I was making a larger batch just because you really can’t have too many meatballs. They can be frozen or even just eaten later in the week.

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Chicken Meatball and Bean Soup

Nothing groundbreaking today, but this is a nice soup that can be fine on a warm or cold day. It is light enough to not feel too heavy on a summer day, and is a warm soup which can feel great on a chilly day. It is also a fairly complete meal with the protein and vegetable. If you wish, you can have some bread on the side.


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Chick Pea “Soup” with Pasta and Chicken Meatballs

This was made during a stretch of many successes. I had a feeling this soup would not be soup since pasta always tends to soak up all of the liquid. I realized later I misread and was supposed to add another 2 cups of broth but I really don’t know if that would have been enough. But it is fine since it still tasted really good. So, still a success since everyone loved it.

When reheating it I added extra water to help keep it from becoming dry.

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